Tuesday, September 15, 2009

felt bag

Here's a bag I made from the leftover felt from my chair...

note: 1/4 inch thick industrial felt is NOT an easy thing to sew by hand!

Valley: My Completed Chair

Valley is a chair that is fun and beautiful: the form is graceful and elegant, and lends itself to multiple seating postions. Made by hand with bent plywood and felt.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Checklist for this co-op quarter

Things I want to do/accomplish next quarter:

1. Rock it at work, leave a great impression, and possibly a job offer? ;)
2. Further develop my concept from the DesComm group project
3. Thesis ideas: approach work about possibility of a sponsored project?

1. Be healthier (gym, eating better, etc.)
2. Sketching for fun as well as development (character, resurrect sketcheration?)
3. Ukulele skills....increase!

1. Boston fun!
2. NYC fun!
3. Halloween costume/halloween in NYC!
4. Ski Trip?
5. Trip to Maine?
6. Tracy visit to Boston
7. Harry Potter exhibit at the MOS Boston
8. Golden Book Art exhibit at the Eric Carle Museum of Children's Book Art in Amherst
9. Concerts! Passion Pit? Ra Ra Riot? The Dodos?

Because I hate doing posts with at least a picture or something interesting, here's what I have been rocking out to recently:

New personal goal: dance like that guy! haha, RIIGHT.