Sunday, December 12, 2010

more of "The Alchemist's Heart"

Here are a few more selected drawings from "The Alchemist's Heart." Hopefully I will have some images of the final book to post shortly! There are a lot more images than this, but these are my few favorites.  I didn't get to spend as much time on these as I would like to, but I think they still turned out pretty nicely considering! Thank you, art school, for forcing me to draw quickly!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

busy busy busy!

Wow, I feel like this week my hand might as well be glued to a pen! (or wacom!) Besides sketching a lot at work, I have been illustrating a story written by Andy for his friend who is binding it all together for a bookbinding class project! Here are a few of the drawings so far... eventually I will hopefully have pictures of it all put together as a book! I like how this is turning out, its been a while since I have drawn in anything other than sketchbook pro!